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  • SqLay is a tiny suite of software tools meant to show database schemas or
    perform quick data visualization and edition on the console, X or WWW.
    It is written in C, C++ and PHP, runs on Linux - partially on other POSIX
    OS'es -, or in Apache + PHP - maybe other PHP enabled web servers -, with
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, FreeTDS (for Sybase/MSSQL), SQLite, MDBTools (for MSAccess),
    or reads SQL files to display the schema, or tabular (tab, comma separated,...)
    files to display their content. Basic ODBC drivers for both unixODBC and iodbc
    are provided as well, allowing to connect SqLay tools to existing datasources
    (but not the opposite way, thus not for creation of datasources targetting SqLay
    database abstraction).

    There are currently two main developpement streams which are at this moment
    not synchronized: the C-C++ stream proposing datasheets and schemas in pure
    ascii/html, ncurses or Qt UI's, using all the drivers presented above, and,
    besides from this, the PHP stream not proposing schemas but well dataforms
    and having only PostgreSQL, MySQL and dummy native drivers. The PHP stream is
    a little bit programmable, while the other one is at most configurable.

    This version 0.8, mostly containing bug and regression fixes, but still
    inducing some new regressions (due to code review). Please note that
    API and ABI are not stable and will still change.

    Please keep in mind that those are still alpha releases, meaning that they
    contain bugs, are not programmed in a secure manner and are not fully reliable
    from the point of view of the integrity of the data displayed or edited.
    So, in one word, for personal use on an isolated and safe PC, it should not
    be too harmfull, but it is definitely not suited for Internet use.
    Also, in small teams and trusted environments, the PHP framework may reveal
    itself as a handy RAD tool, and the C/C++ tools handy developpement tools,
    at least for me.

    E. Lurquin <sqlay@hitud.net>, Dec 2008

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    Dec 2008
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